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Use this screen to view an Incident Report issued by the City of Conyers Police Department. Incident Reports are available from 12/01/00 through the present. Generally, Incident Reports are available online within 2 business days (or 48 hours) of filing.


Georgia law protects certain information that may be contained in police incident reports from public disclosure. Public dissemination of such information is subject to civil and/or criminal liability. The City of Conyers has incorporated measures in this document retrieval system to prevent online access to incident reports that may contain protected information. However, availability of an incident report on this system does not indicate that the report contains no information or material that is protected. You are personally responsible for the use you make of any and all information you obtain via this document retrieval system.
Click here to indicate you understand that you may be civilly or criminally liable for public dissemination of information that is protected by Georgia law.

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